Varilight V-COM Commercial Series LED Dimmers

The Varilight V-Com series comprises of programmable intelligent dimmers which have a push on - push off switch action with rotary dimming. All V-Com dimmers offer smooth LED dimming technology to deliver the best possible dimming performance for a given load. V-Com dimmers are designed to control LED lighting loads requiring leading edge (triac) control with options from 0W - 100W (maximum 10 LEDs), 15W - 180W (maximum 20 LEDs), 15W - 220W (maximum 26 LEDs), 20W - 400W (maximum 40 LEDs) and 40W - 600W (maximum 60 LEDs).

For loads requiring trailing edge control always choose a V-Pro series dimmer. V-Pro dimmers are available with options from 0W - 100W and 10W - 300W.

There is a choice of driving modes to optimize the dimming performance of any given LED lighting load. V-Com dimmers feature the new DRIVE function to aid initial start up for lamps that otherwise will not switch on at low brightness settings. This feature, alongside adjustable minimum and maximum brightness settings enable V-Com dimmers to provide the full range of brightness that a given LED lamp is capable of delivering. V-Com dimmers also have a soft start feature and intelligent overload protection to improve the life span of both the LED lamps and the dimmer. With its patented intelligent LED dimming technology, V-Com is the best value range for LED dimming.

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