Varilight V-PRO.IR Remote Control LED Dimmers

The Varilight stylish V-Pro IR touch control and touch & remote control dimmers are designed for dimmable LED lighting. Each dimmer (or gang on a multi gang dimmer) can control between 1 and 10 dimmable LEDs (subject to a maximum load per gang of 100W).

V-Pro IR dimmers are not suitable for wirewound transformers. They are suitable for 1 way circuits only unless they are used in combination with one or more of our tactile touch control dimming slaves which enables you to dim the same lights from two or more switch locations in a 2 way or multi way circuit.

Product codes for V-Pro IR dimmers begin with the letters "IJ" as do the corresponding slaves. Please ensure you choose the correct slave units by checking that the product code begins with the letters "IJ" when using V-Pro IR dimmers in 2 way or multi way circuits.

The touch & remote control dimmers can be controlled via the touch button on the dimmer or using the standard YRC8 infra red remote control handset. If you have a spare button on an infra red remote control at home you can teach the dimmer to respond to that instead.

Lightscene - Enhanced Lighting Control

For enhanced lighting control, you will require the YRE8 remote control handset which offers features such as Lightscene.

Lightscene offers exciting additional functionality to Varilight V-Pro IR dimmers including scene setting for multi gang dimmers. Up to 4 scenes can be stored and recalled at the touch of a button.

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